Anna Nugent

Sometimes grace feels a bit like a dance, like I’m trying to dodge it, but it just keeps coming. I see it dancing with someone else and I am moved. I draw grace towards me and, just as it gets close, I reject it. Perhaps that is actually the dance of unworthiness in all actuality. I think in the past few weeks I’ve been extra open to the magic of grace. I’ve found myself truly moved many times, in tears and in blessed embrace. At the end of a women’s event all about grace and the messiness of life, the women concluded with banners held high, moving to music, dancing out grace.

The birth of a butterfly is grace. When I was younger I received a scholarship to take modern dance and I was so excited. I’m not sure who it was, but someone I was close to said upon seeing my recital that it had really improved my grace. Being a gangly all-limbs kind of gal growing up, meant that I wasn’t that flowing presence of grace, I was mostly a bit awkward. I tried sports but could never really excel. My parents wanted me to be a runner, but that was not going to happen. As the years went on I still continued to get comments about my limby-ness, I remember a director once trying to help me to gain control of my flailing arms. It doesn’t help that I talk with my hands too. But after college when I wanted something physical to do, I got a job as a ballroom dance instructor. And even all-limbs, I felt graceful. I would never have the form of the professional competitors, but I could do my best and sell it with personality. I do love dancing. It is a great way to express yourself, whether love, hate, defiance, fun, there is a dance to go with the desires of your heart. If you’ve never tried the bolero, I totally recommend it!

To finish off, I was thinking of giving you a great playlist to dance to, but instead I’m going to give you a grace list. Inspired by an exercise in a Brené Brown course, I’m sharing with you some songs that move me and tap my heart with grace. Enjoy!