What? How can getting hit by a car be a gift? It has taken me many years to forgive the […]
So I’ve been learning a lot about tuning into what gives me joy, what I truly like, what I want. […]
If you’ve seen “Last Tango in Halifax” then you will know what I’m talking about. The writing (Sally Wainwright) and […]
There is nothing like the process of letting go. Over a month into the KonMari clear-out, I am feeling lighter […]
I’ve recently become reacquainted with my propensity toward attachment. In one way or another it is something that I’ve always […]
Phenomenal Woman by Dr. Maya Angelou
I’m not sure when I first came across Maya Angelou or why I feel such a deep connection to her […]
Last summer I had the privilege of acting in “It’s a Fine Day,” a one act by Mayumi Lane as […]
I truly believe that love can find you anywhere. You could be on a solo pilgrimage through the Himalayas or […]
As I said a few weeks ago, I’m a sucker for a costume drama and even though I didn’t love […]
Sometimes I feel like that is my way of being, “running on empty”. I’m always amazed and thankful that it […]