So thrilled to be part of the UK Premiere of Seamus Scanlon’s The McGowan Trilogy, starring Paul Nugent. This production […]
It is such a pleasure to be working with the talented Jes Bedwinek, Celine Rosenthal and Mayumi Lane. It’s a […]
I was so excited to have my new play read as part of The Puzzle, a theatre festival at the […]
June 11 at Glucksman Ireland House – we had a great time! Brian Reager directed, with Paul Nugent as Danny, […]
Thrilled to be part of a second reading at the cell of Derek Murphy‘s Inside Danny’s Box, with an updated […]
Looking forward to the reading of Derek Murphy’s Inside Danny’s Box at the cell on Monday, February 2nd at 8pm. […]
Honored to win Best Actress at Origin’s 1st Irish Festival Awards for The McGowan Triology by Seamus Scanlon at the […]
That’s right, 5 nominations! Best Director – Kira Simring Best Actress – me 🙂 Best Design – our design team […]
Had a blast playing Leila (the mamma) in Stinky Bird by Seth Freeman.