When my husband mentioned that a friend was thinking of suggesting me to fill in for one performance of a […]
Sometimes grace feels a bit like a dance, like I’m trying to dodge it, but it just keeps coming. I […]
For my birthday this year my sister gave me a lovely bracelet that spells “Klahan” which means “Brave” in Khmer, […]
So much fun being part of the revue show created by Gary Thompson for the senior group at Marble Collegiate […]
Super fun to do a very special happy hour at 3rd & vine – fabulous food and wine as well!
Me, Elena Zazanis, Amanda Levie & Christine Goodman sing away the night!
The Theatre Company of Hoboken ran a one-day cabaret workshop at Art House Productions. I sang Now That I’ve Seen […]
Sang Bel Piacere by Handel With organizer and talented poet & photographer Beth Achenbach