Four people standing in a white room, looking perplexed.
As I mentioned in my last blog, Returning to the Familiar, the timing of the dissemination of art can make […]
If you had told me a year ago that I would write a play in 6 weeks I would have […]
Okay, so it wasn’t really a full month of Annie Baker, but two of the handful of shows my husband […]
The Nugents in front of the National Theatre Sign
My husband and I recently spent some time in England, ending our visit with three days in London, binging on […]
I was so excited to have my new play read as part of The Puzzle, a theatre festival at the […]
Had a great time writing a blog about my acting journey so far for my acting alma mater!
The League of Professional Theatre Women is featuring blogs by its’ members to celebrate 30 years in existence! My blog […]
Listen to our rough version! Baby, Come to ESPA To the tune of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” (new lyrics by […]