What is home? You’ve heard that “home is where your heart is” or maybe where you’re born. Maybe it is […]
Last summer I had the privilege of acting in “It’s a Fine Day,” a one act by Mayumi Lane as […]
This season is all about gifts and true meaning and spirit and love and food and new beginnings and family. […]
This November the NEWvember New Plays Festival (which I co-produce) is celebrating its 5th year! Wow! In that time we’ve […]
Photograph of AboutFACE Company Members
Does anyone else crave family? I’m blessed to have been born into a pretty alright one, dysfunctional yes, but I […]
To be honest the reasons I love British Theatre are many and varied. From the standpoint of an actress, I […]
The Nugents in front of the National Theatre Sign
My husband and I recently spent some time in England, ending our visit with three days in London, binging on […]