Anna Nugent

NEWvember Company 2012
NEWvember New Play Festival
Co-production with Tangent Theater Company & AboutFACE
Carpenter Shop Theater
Tivoli, NY

2012 Plays:

A series of love stories – some gone wrong and others gone right – explore romance in the suburban jungle.

Playwright: John Cariani

The Prediction

In 1935, a family of German Jews escapes the Nazis aboard a freighter bound for Cuba. Officially denied entry, they must decide whether to return to Germany or enter Cuba illegally…and dangerously.

Playwright: Michael De Vito

Comes a Faery

A little girl is left with a less-than-willing aunt, and visited by a cantankerous Irish fairy who may or may not have escaped from a favorite storybook. Has he come to keep the lonely child company…or to lead her down darker paths?

Playwright: James McLindon

The Widow of Tom’s Hill

A young sailor and newly-mothered widow from opposite sides of a military quarantine engage in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, putting not only their lives in the balance but the village, and perhaps the country, as well.

Playwright: Aleks Merilo

How the Dog Runs

A young couple intending to celebrate their engagement and meet her family, instead find themselves facing an imminent death at a lakeside cabin on the Fourth of July.

Playwright: Dan O’Neil

Green River

Edith lives in a small, defunct Kentucky mining town. Charlie is a lonely drifter who senses her repressed ambition – and aims to draw it out.

Playwright: Rachel White

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