Anna Nugent

The Alps on a plane journey from Italy to the States
The Alps

The first time I saw mountains I was riding on a train from Sweden to Switzerland, heading for Spain. At first the Alps appeared just as clouds in the distance, but as we got closer I could see them clearly and what an awesome sight they were! Even from a train the majesty of the mountains could be felt. I’ve never climbed an actual mountain, I’ve done hills and when we were in Colorado years ago we drove through the mountains – I got very sleepy with the altitude. We all have our own mountains to climb, even if not literal, and they can seem overwhelming or even impossible, but putting one foot in front of the other, keeping your eye on the summit (when possible) and stopping to breathe whenever necessary can get you to your goal. Sometimes the journey takes longer than you imagined or takes you in a different direction, a different path than anticipated, but it will always be an adventure. The beauty and sense of accomplishment at the end of any climb will make your heart sing. Keep climbing!

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