Anna Nugent

I love myself a good costume drama, in fact, I cannot wait to be in one myself! I did get to do a short years ago, corset and all, but that just whet the whistle. What do I love so much about the costume drama? I think it is that sense of honor that resonates more in historical situations. The sense of sacrifice and grace. The unrequited love seems more enticing, more painful, more exotic set in the distant past. Paul and I were a bit dubious about the recent Poldark remake, but thought we had to try it out for a couple of reasons: 1. heartthrob Aidan Turner graduated from the same acting program as us and 2. our amazing host this past summer plays Aunt Agatha and we wanted to see her in action. Two very good reasons to give it a try. And it surprised us, we found ourselves sucked in by the story of the dark horse returning, of the great love lost, of the noble heart, of the underdog who is honest striving to do their best, and of the great duty properly born that comes with privilege. Such meaty and rich themes to explore and Poldark did it very well. Congratulations to Aidan Turner & friends on a stunning story told. We are looking forward to season 2.

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