Anna Nugent

If you’ve seen “Last Tango in Halifax” then you will know what I’m talking about. The writing (Sally Wainwright) and the superb acting (Sarah Lancashire, Nicola Walker, Anne Reid & Derek Jacobi) combine for a powerhouse show. There is a reality to this show that you don’t often see on TV. There were seriously times that I was in awe of the writing and performances. More often than not I ended up in tears – tears of recognition of heartbreak and inability to communicate, tears of knowing. What a beautiful gift to share with the world, stories that truly speak to your soul and connect you to humanity. We may not be perfect, but we are united in that imperfection. I definitely need those reminders myself. I am not alone in my grief or hurt and I am not alone in my joy. Sometimes it costs us very little to offer an olive branch to a friend or family member, sometimes it feels like it costs a great deal. But either way the true reward is the connectedness you feel. Give an olive branch, accept an olive branch whenever you can. You are not alone.

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