Anna Nugent

What? How can getting hit by a car be a gift? It has taken me many years to forgive the unknown gentleman who hit me, but now I am able to wish the mystery man well and hope he is living sober and free. Even as the ambulance was taking me away, I was able to look up and laugh. “Okay, I get it, you want me to slow down. I read you loud and clear.”

See, I’m a doer. There is nothing I love more than getting things done, feeling noble and accomplished. But sometimes doing comes at a cost. Often I can get so caught up in the doing that I lose sight of the reasons behind the doing. I’m so busy (read important) that I easily move off course and out of alignment. Over the years I’ve learned that a bit of inspired, focused, action is far better than a day/week/month full of busy work (even goal-oriented busy work). But even with this lesson learned, the siren song of “doing” calls and I feel compelled to desperately do.

Far more effective? Be, just be present. From the same goals, stop, center and listen for the next action to take. The step may not be as direct as you thought it would be, it may seem completely unrelated, but that is the step to take. My husband and I just made a big move and are currently looking for housing. I know the goal, have visioned our new home and still cannot seem to resist spending hours a day on housing apps. I’m pretty confident that the place that is waiting for us will come to us through a friend or unexpected source, but yet I cannot trust and feel safer taking control and doing. Yesterday after my meditation it became very clear that I needed to take a break from the obsessive searching. I deleted the apps and am feeling more at peace. A little anxious with the unknown, but happy to not be whittling away my time each day on something that is already being taken care of. Maybe one day my action will be to check a site and request a viewing, but for today at least my action is to go to a film festival and support a friend!

On our way back from the Galway Film Fleadh 2016
On our way back from the Galway Film Fleadh 2016

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