Anna Nugent

I love working creatively with my posse. The people that have inspired me and who I trust after years of working together. And truly this type of repeated collaboration strengthens the work. But sometimes, just as we as people need different relationships to teach us different aspects of our self, there are times when playwrights need different companies, different directors, different artists to open up their work in a whole new way. I love that I can see the same play done by different companies and one can make me laugh and the other can make me cry. Playwrights are people, the people behind these stories, people that want to be heard and understood, people that have something to contribute. I have the greatest of respect for playwrights and their courage to bring the human experience to life. To tell our stories and connect us in ways we never thought possible. It is a remarkable and vulnerable feat to write a work that is meant to be shared time and again and that can end up in the hands of complete strangers. If you are a playwright, thank you! If not, find a playwright and give them a hug!


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