Anna Nugent

Getting the opportunity to do what you love, to live a dream, can feel a bit like flying. At times you bask in that feeling of soaring, of being fully in your skin, fully and wholly who you were meant to be. At other times you feel the terror of the unknown or the judgement of looking back at what you’ve done so far – “Oh I should have lifted that wing a bit further. What if they are disappointed in my flight? I can do it better, I promise.” But what is the true takeaway from the experience is that feeling of soaring, right? That is what actually matters. Not what others thought of your flight, not what you thought of the flight, but how you felt in the midst of it, in the knowledge that you were exactly where you were meant to be. As much of the perfectionist shell that I have already shed, there are still little roots/weeds of wanting to get things “right” that pop up from time to time. Luckily, I know the truth. Time after time it has been proven to me that imperfection is the open door to possibility. Imperfection has gotten me jobs. Imperfection makes us relatable and human. Imperfection is a beautiful gift, so let’s just embrace it.

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