Anna Nugent

How does one keep love in mind, at the forefront of everything one does? I would love to say that I have an answer to that question or better yet, that I’ve been able to do it. But I don’t. I think at best it is an intention that manifests in the little actions we take. Sometimes we are looking out for the big demonstrations for proof, but in doing so we miss the lovely, small, unexpected, unconventional moments that contribute to a foundation of love. I don’t know if you’ve ever taken the love language test, or anything like it, but it is a great one for raising our awareness to the multitude of ways that love can be shown and that love can be received. It also helps us understand that some people respond better to certain expressions of love. We often give the type of love that we want to receive.

I’ve always enjoyed producing for AboutFACE because of our ethos of love. Sometimes we get it wrong or miss opportunities, but other times we just get it right and I feel absolutely grateful to work with the people that I do. We have built a family that we work with and these past few readings we’ve had, we’ve been able to expand that family, to bring in people from our “extended family” and it is such a joy to watch these people work. When you are doing something you love, it truly fans the fire or ember or spark and it helps those around you to find their flame again.

The creative life is not a life that everyone feels comfortable living and it shouldn’t be expected that everyone does, just like not everyone speaks the same love language. But igniting that creative spark or seeing it flame is one of my favorite things in the world. Sharing your creative soul with me is a gift I’m eternally grateful for. And maybe that is my little way of offering love. Wanting to see in you what your soul wants to express.

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