Anna Nugent

It is such a great pleasure watching someone share what they love. This week Paul and I had the opportunity to see DUBLIN BY LAMPLIGHT, a Corn Exchange Production, on the Abbey stage. It is the first time that we’ve watched a full production in the redesigned auditorium from up the top. And what a treat. There was a full house and it was filled with people of all ages. There was a palpable energy in the theatre that night. One could sense that the audience were just as excited to be there as the performers were. And they were. The actors were delighted to be sharing the work and it showed.

I think for the most part as actors we are grateful to be working when we are working, but sometimes you can just see that extra something, that glee, that play, that comes from the understanding of the great privilege it is to bring stories to life and to entertain while you’re at it. Of course certain shows lend themselves better towards this co-conspiracy with the audience and DUBLIN BY LAMPLIGHT, in all its commedia dell’arte glory, is such a show. It is highly theatrical and filled with humour and pathos and it asks the audience to trust and come along on a journey. The actors are changing roles and changing costumes and giving it socks from head to toe. And then there are the moments of absolute delight when one of the actors breaks one of the walls and interacts with the musician who has been scoring the entire production so far. An absolutely delightful moment of theatre.

Thanks to the actors who delight in playing the part and sharing themselves so fully with the audience. We are putty in your hands.

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