It is such a great pleasure watching someone share what they love. This week Paul and I had the opportunity […]
How does one keep love in mind, at the forefront of everything one does? I would love to say that […]
What is home? You’ve heard that “home is where your heart is” or maybe where you’re born. Maybe it is […]
When my husband mentioned that a friend was thinking of suggesting me to fill in for one performance of a […]
How can we forget the joy of play? Playing with your whole body (like tag) brings a greater joy. Working […]
I’m inspired, incited, and wowed by the movement that is underway in Irish theatre right now, #WakingTheFeminists. What gets me […]
Photograph of AboutFACE Company Members
Does anyone else crave family? I’m blessed to have been born into a pretty alright one, dysfunctional yes, but I […]
Had a great time writing a blog about my acting journey so far for my acting alma mater!
Orson Welles’ Christmas Carol: A Live Radio Play December 20-22, 2013 Powerscourt Theatre Powerscourt Townhouse Centre Dublin 2 Playwright Paul […]
AboutFACE Theatre Company 22-23 DEC ’12 Marlay House Ballroom, Marlay Park, Rathfarnham PLAYWRIGHT Adapted by Paul Nugent from Orson Welles’ […]