It is such a great pleasure watching someone share what they love. This week Paul and I had the opportunity […]
How does one keep love in mind, at the forefront of everything one does? I would love to say that […]
When my husband mentioned that a friend was thinking of suggesting me to fill in for one performance of a […]
Four people standing in a white room, looking perplexed.
As I mentioned in my last blog, Returning to the Familiar, the timing of the dissemination of art can make […]
Seamus, Paul and Anna standing on a balcony overlooking rail tracks and the Hudson River. It is a sunny day.
This past week Paul and I have been doing a mini-tour of Seamus Scanlon’s The Long Wet Grass. In early […]
Last week was spent in the face of resistance. A writer friend and I had been working on a short […]
I love working creatively with my posse. The people that have inspired me and who I trust after years of […]
If you had told me a year ago that I would write a play in 6 weeks I would have […]
Sometimes grace feels a bit like a dance, like I’m trying to dodge it, but it just keeps coming. I […]
For my birthday this year my sister gave me a lovely bracelet that spells “Klahan” which means “Brave” in Khmer, […]